Your Local Guide is a 30 months Erasmus+ funded project, coordinated by the Romanian Lead Partner NERDA (North-East Regional Development Agency), starting from 1st of September 2018 until 28th of February 2021.

The project focuses on the development of digital competences of seniors willing to work as tourist agents or local guides in order to become experts in destination promotion through a life-long learning perspective.

The partnership aims to develop materials that enable staff of tourism agencies or individuals to increase their skills and improve a touristic destination in their local communities in order to compete with the growing global competitiveness.

The main target group of Your Local Guide are adult learners, seniors working in tourism or persons who are retired and are willing to find a new career in this sector as experts in tourism destination management and promotion.

The project consortium aims to increase the competences of at least 400 seniors with low digital skills. Thus, it represents a great opportunity to keep their mind engaged and encourage them to stay active in their communities.

During the project development and implementation, partners will develop new and innovative teaching approaches and will provide tools to learn how to manage and promote touristic destinations through a research studies and best practices collection, handbooks and a videogame.

The project partners are: