The Multiplier Events

Your Local Guide project is coming to its end, after two years of good cooperation among the project partners to enhance the digital competencies of seniors willing to work as tourist agents or local guides in order to become experts in destination promotion through a life-long learning perspective.

In the last months, all the partners have organized Multiplier Events in their countries and they have presented the results of the project implementation, the training materials, and the educational videogame.

The Final Conference of the project

The international conference "Your Local Guide – Be the Ambassador of your local cultural heritage – Digital Marketing for a Tourism Destination" organized by the North-East Regional Development Agency and the Bucovina Tourism Association from Romania was held online on the 9th of February 2021.

The conference was the perfect opportunity to present all the results of the project to a generous audience. More than 100 people have registered and attended the online conference.

Besides the speaker guests and the project partners, the participants were from the travel industry, tour guides, local and regional authorities representatives, cultural heritage workers and managers, training providers, and media representatives.

The speakers were tourism specialists from Romania, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, and Germany and they brought their valuable contribution to the event, sharing their experience in cultural heritage and presenting good practices of the tourist destinations they represent.