Older adults have much to gain from bringing technology into their daily lives. The extent to which this is possible strongly depends on careful design, accessible and easy to use products, developed using an elderly centered methodology.

The Your Local Guide project propose an interesting and innovative tool for learning, which comes to complete the developed training materials

The “Learn Tourism 4 All” videogame is an online application that works as a gamified virtual assistant during the learning process of how to promote and manage a tourist destination.

The gamified interaction with the learning environment intends to improve motivation to accomplish the knowledge objectives and make the content absorption more fun and easier.

The interactive online game allows each player to choose an avatar and the level of difficulty. There are four players who can compete with each other on the game board. The players should pick up question cards and answer correctly in order to move across the game board and be the first to reach the end of the game. The questions can be answered correctly only if the players have read first the four handbooks of the Your Local Guide Project.

The winner earns the award of Tourism Destination Expert!

After successfully completing the game, the players will be able to assess their knowledge in:

  1. Digital Skills in Tourism
  2. Tourism Destination Management: Strategies and Best Practices
  3. Tourism Destination Promotion
  4. Social Media Communities for Tourism Destination

There is also a tutorial available who provides detailed explanations about the game.

You can access the tutorial and play the game on: yourlocalguide.org/en/videogame