The tourism industry is one of the most affected economic sector by the spread of coronavirus, as many countries have introduced travel restrictions in the attempt to reduce its spread. Many touristic companies around the world are struggling to ensure the livelihood of their staff, and trying to keep their business afloat until the end of the pandemic. 

The professionals in tourism have to adapt their business to the new conditions, and in some cases to reinvent themselves.

In this context, the Your Local Guide partnership has developed FOUR HANDBOOKS with new and innovative teaching materials which provide a pathway to learn how to manage and promote tourism destinations by using digital tools and platforms. These handbooks focus on the role of digital technology and social media in tourism management and promotion, and are illustrated with case studies and good practices from different countries.

The main target group of Your Local Guide are adult learners, seniors working in tourism or persons who are retired and are willing to find a new career in this sector as experts in destination management and promotion.

You can access the content of the handbooks on: Training Modules or you may find more information on our Facebook page: @YourLocalGuideProject.